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There are many games that we can play with our dogs. Here are a selection of our favourites.




This is an excellent game to encourage your dog to use it’s keen sense of smell. When weather permits this can be an exciting game to play with your dog outside in your garden. Rather than put their food in their dog bowl - make them work for it!


Scatter their food around a grassy area (not easily detectable by sight) and let them find the food by scent alone.


If the food you feed your dog is not suitable for this game then we suggest using treats (which may also be hidden inside your home).




This is a great game to practice recall, but is best played with two humans each taking a turn to hide from your dog. It’s also a good game to play when out walking in a forest with your dog. You want your dog to be attentive to you, but often there are just too many distractions. Playing this game with them will make them realise that they need to know where you are always.




This game takes some training and perseverance, but is really useful if you and your dog are able to master it. It requires toys and a box (somewhere toys can be kept when not being played with). The game is to get your dog to understand the names of the toys and to fetch and put away the toys on command.  


Learning the names of toys is tricky for a dog. Repetition, reward and distinctive names are key to your dog’s understanding what is required of them. Learn one at a time and give plenty of rewards.



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