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There’s a lot of information and advice on the internet and in books about how to best train your dog. We have read many of the articles and a lot of books on the subject as well as attending numerous classes and strongly believe that you really do ‘get out’ what you ‘put in’ in regards to training your dog. We also believe that training is essential to enjoy your time together.


These are our top ten tips that have helped us get through so far.


(i) You can never have enough treats

Most, if not all dogs, will do anything for food.


(ii) Timing is everything

Dogs live in the moment. More than a few seconds after an event and it’s too late. If you need to reprimand your dog it must be done there and then.


(iii) Don’t expect miracles

Especially with younger dogs. Everything is new and a distraction. It takes time.


(iv) Make sure your dog knows who’s boss

You need to be the pack leader and not pander to the whim of your dog. They will respond better when they know the hierarchy.


(v) Don’t allow food aggression

Make your dog wait for its food. Take food away from it frequently so that it knows that you are the person providing for it.


(vi) Be consistent

Often more than one person is training a dog and it’s important that everyone is using common commands and actions.


(vii) It’s OK to ignore your dog

Sometimes it’s better to not make a fuss. It has to learn.


(viii) When house-training use a dog crate

This will dramatically speed up house-training (as dogs do not generally soil where they are sleeping). It will also provide you with a secure place to leave your dog if necessary.


(ix) Attend training classes

We all need help with some things and training classes are a great way to socialise your dog and to meet other owners.


(x) Use a whistle

You should not let your dog off a lead until you are certain of its recall. A whistle is a great way to train your dog to recall because it is consistent in sound and can be heard over long distances.



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